Hosting & Maintenance

Web Grafixs Hosting & Maintenance

Do you want assistance to maintain your existing website or you are looking for safe and secure hosting solutions? Whatever be your requirement, Web Grafixs will help manage them both comfortably with no hassles.

With diverse clients across the world, we have experience and expertise in hosting, managing and maintaining websites and various other web applications.

As part of our continued efforts to serve you better, we offer web hosting and maintenance services which includes the below services.

Website Maintenance

Our services to help maintain the website, we assess and evaluate your website to make sure that your processes run seamlessly and in line with your business objectives. Our maintenance includes services on design improvements, development related to enhancements, modifications on any marketing campaign or strategy and any other assistance you would need.

We have experts who can cater to

  • Content management involving multiple frameworks and systems like WordPress, Ruby, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, etc.
  • Programming languages like .NET and .PHP.
  • Designing services for the front end.
  • Strategies on digital marketing that needs enrichment and enhancement like SEO.
  • Management of marketing on social media.
  • Development of applications and maintenance of the same.
  • Integrations as and when required depending on the need for the respective companies.

Apart from being experts in all website related activities we also support in updating your themes, modules, plug-ins, software, addition of functionality, integrating new features, security audits and much more.

Web hosting services

Hosting is something you cannot live without and yet you don’t realize its importance until it actually falters. It is the core for having website updates done on time and diligently without disrupting your everyday business.

Web Grafixs offers you hosting services that offer reliable and most secure hosting services that will ensure that your business runs smoothly. With customized configurations for firewall, we offer top of the line services with backup every 15 minutes.

Our team is dedicatedly working to improve your web hosting so that your connections remain safe and reliable at all times. As part of our web hosting services, we provide you with,

  • Shared hosting service which is more cost effective for small and medium sized businesses and is more than adequate as well.
  • Dedicated server hosting for companies which has high traffic volume and need a dedicated maintenance and support team for a secure environment.
  • Hosting that is compliant with PCI so that your security is not compromised in any manner.
  • Cloud hosting which will help reducing the stress on the resources of the server.
  • Scanning for any vulnerability and fix any possible weaknesses in your website.

As a leading company that focuses on providing secure services, we will help you improve your productivity and operating efficiency of your company.

If you are looking for a partner who will support you over a longer period and ensure a long term success for achieving your goals, then Web Grafixs is just the place for you.