Mobile App Development

Web Grafixs Mobile App Development

With mobile phones being the most powerful mode of communication and engagement with customers, it is now time to think of building applications that will help your customers to reach you wherever they are and whenever you want. And thanks to smart phones, and the many different brands available to them on the go, you need to have an application that will attract, appeal and also convert them into loyal customers to your brand.

What can we do for you?

When we speak of mobile applications, there are different types as there are different mobile platforms to deal with. If you want to reach out to your consumers across the world, then you need applications that will cater to the different target group who access different smart phones and different platforms.

  • Android applications: To cater to the customers who have smart phones on the Android platform, the applications that we build for you on Android is what you need. We can customize your Android application to suit your business and market needs.
  • iOS applications: With more and more customers becoming Apple phone consumers, it is time to have your own application that is compatible on the iOS platform.
  • Hybrid applications: If you want an application that can cater to different platforms then you should be looking at getting a hybrid application for your company.

With our applications you can face the challenges proficiently and enjoy the increasing customer base.

What our mobile applications can do for you?

Our mobile applications will help you manage your customers effectively and efficiently at a cost that will fit well into your budget.

Irrespective of the business you own, we have applications that will take your business to the next level. There are multiple features of our mobile application that will ensure that your businesses are of the global standards, and will help you improve the performance of your online business.

  • From online shopping to other retail sites, we cater to a wide range of mobile apps across different platforms.
  • Payment gateways across different channels integrating into your module to ensure a seamless transaction for your customers.
  • Upload of images and discount codes inclusion that will help facilitate an appealing outlook for your customers.
  • Integration with SMS and other options to make it an easy endeavor shopping with your for the customers.
  • Providing more options for customers to choose in terms of delivery, payment options and other features.
  • Compatibility across different platforms so that they can access through multiple devices.
  • Complete integration with website so that the updates on the mobile are reflected immediately on the website and vice versa, ensuring real time data for the customers.

As customers turn loyal, they turn into your brand ambassadors, spreading word about the significance of your brand to others. With mobile applications developed by Web Grafixs, you will carve out a niche for you in your industry, and take your business to the international level.